About Us

Welcome to The 1234 Foundation


  • Develop relationship that make positive difference
  • Provide customized training and mentoring that empower a value based leadership model 
  • Empower and encourage youth development driven by performance
  • Imbibe accountability and maketh a responsible citizen of the country



To build the best, inspiring leadership network who will acquire critical skill – visioning process and explore options to craft a clear future through the “Personifying Genomic Reformation” methodology.”


      Prepare youth leaders to:

  • allow members to gain skills in the area of leadership development integrated with their learning curriculum
  • encourage individuals and organizations to put social innovation ideas into practice
  • provide a learning environment for skills training success using external and domestic experts
  • to groom individuals disposing high potential
  • contribute to communities by strengthening youth leader capacity through talent exposure activities
  • establish platforms for locale centered networking and sharing of ideas
  • provide tomorrow’s perspectives, insights and solutions and make available resources to assist the application for accomplishment of goals
  • create a youth network for sustainable social disruption of the new normal
  • foster a leadership culture arising out of individual expression not limited to hierarchical power, challenging dysfunctional rules, protocols and processes, and trivial bureaucracy.


who we are ?

  • Create momentum amongst future human resource and talent power to seek defined methodology of leadership attainment across life path and aspirations
  • Attract tomorrow’s leadership resources which can be instrumental in Nation’s Treasurable power centre 
  • Enunciate momentum amongst responsible youth force the gamut of principles on sustainable leadership
  • Inculcate such ethical standards and practices in leadership transformation for better tomorrow
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